International Journal of Biological Sciences cover

International Journal of Biological Sciences is a general research journal with scope covering all areas of biology and biological sciences. Articles include original research papers, reviews or mini-reviews, and short research communications.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Chuxia Deng

International Journal of Medical Sciences cover

International Journal of Medical Sciences publishes papers of significance in areas of basic medical sciences and clinical research related to the studies of human diseases.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Dennis Taub

Journal of Cancer cover

Journal of Cancer publishes papers of high quality in all areas of cancer related fields, especially novel concepts, new methods, new regimens, new therapeutic agents, and alternative approaches for early detection and intervention of cancer.

Editors-in-Chief: Dr. Yan-Gao Man and Dr. Naoto T. Ueno

Theranostics  cover

Theranostics is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes innovative and original research papers reflecting the field of molecular imaging, molecular therapeutics, multifunctional nanoparticle platforms, image-guided therapy, and translational nanomedicine.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Xiaoyuan (Shawn) Chen

Journal of Genomics  cover

Journal of Genomics publishes papers of high quality in all aspects of genomics, proteomics, gene research and development.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Brian Oliver

Recent Papers

A Novel Role of Exogenous Carbon Monoxide on Protecting Cardiac Function and Improving Survival against Sepsis via Mitochondrial Energetic Metabolism Pathway
Xu Wang, Weiting Qin, Xuefeng Qiu, Jie Cao, Dadong Liu, Bingwei Sun
International Journal of Biological Sciences 2014; 10:777-788

Direct Evidence for Calcineurin Binding to the Exon-7 Loop of the Sodium-Bicarbonate Cotransporter NBCn1
Harindarpal S. Gill, Eric D. Roush, Lauren Dutcher, Samir Patel
International Journal of Biological Sciences 2014; 10:771-776

Wnt Signaling as a Possible Promoting Factor of Cell Differentiation in Pleomorphic Adenomas
Yukiko Okuda, Keisuke Nakano, Koji Suzuki, Yoshihiko Sugita, Katsutoshi Kubo, Hatsuhiko Maeda, Norimasa Okafuji, Hiromasa Hasegawa, Toshiyuki Kawakami
International Journal of Medical Sciences 2014; 11:971-978

DHRSX, A Novel Non-Classical Secretory Protein Associated With Starvation Induced Autophagy
Guoying Zhang, Yang Luo, Ge Li, Lanlan Wang, Daxiang Na, Xiaotong Wu, Yingmei Zhang, Xiaoning Mo, Lu Wang
International Journal of Medical Sciences 2014; 11:962-970

Characterization of Cancer Stem-Like Cells Derived from Mouse Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Transformed by Tumor-Derived Extracellular Vesicles
Ting Yan, Akifumi Mizutani, Ling Chen, Mai Takaki, Yuki Hiramoto, Shuichi Matsuda, Tsukasa Shigehiro, Tomonari Kasai, Takayuki Kudoh, Hiroshi Murakami, Junko Masuda, Mary J. C. Hendrix, Luigi Strizzi, David S. Salomon, Li Fu, Masaharu Seno
Journal of Cancer 2014; 5:572-584

Far Beyond the Usual Biomarkers in Breast Cancer: A Review
Brunna dos Anjos Pultz, Felipe Andrés Cordero da Luz, Paulo Rogério de Faria, Ana Paula Lima Oliveira, Rogério Agenor de Araújo, Marcelo José Barbosa Silva
Journal of Cancer 2014; 5:559-571

Theranostic Self-Assembly Structure of Gold Nanoparticles for NIR Photothermal Therapy and X-Ray Computed Tomography Imaging
Heng Deng, Yanqi Zhong, Meihong Du, Qinjun Liu, Zhanming Fan, Fengying Dai, Xin Zhang
Theranostics 2014; 4:904-918

An EGFR Targeted PET Imaging Probe for the Detection of Colonic Adenocarcinomas in the Setting of Colitis
N. Selcan Turker, Pedram Heidari, Raju Kucherlapati, Melanie Kucherlapati, Umar Mahmood
Theranostics 2014; 4:893-903

Urochordate serpins Are Classified into Six Groups Encoded by Exon-Intron Structures, Microsynteny and Bayesian Phylogenetic Analyses
Abhishek Kumar, Anita Bhandari
Journal of Genomics 2014; 2:131-140

Characterization of Distinct Classes of Differential Gene Expression in Osteoblast Cultures from Non-Syndromic Craniosynostosis Bone
Monica L. Rojas-Peña, Rene Olivares-Navarrete, Sharon Hyzy, Dalia Arafat, Zvi Schwartz, Barbara D. Boyan, Joseph Williams, Greg Gibson
Journal of Genomics 2014; 2:121-130